Man Who Stole From Queen Elizabeth II Sentenced

Man who stole from Queen Elizabeth II sentenced.

37-year-old Canto pleaded guilty to many robberies he did to La Reina, the same ones he carried out between November 2019 and August 2020.

No one knew the name of Adamo Canto until just in December 2020, when he was pointed out for having stolen prestigious objects from Queen Elizabeth II. Now this man has been sentenced for the said crimes and it will be 8 months that he will have to spend in prison for this.

In addition to two prestigious medals, one of the most important objects that Adamo Canto stole was a photo album of the royal banquet offered during the visit of President Donald Trump in June 2019, which is valued at more than 2,000 dollars.

According to Scotland Yard agents, it is known that the robbery made by the subject estimated a total of around 13 thousand dollars.

The man has been sentenced to spend 8 months of his life in prison, as he stole official medals and photos of the British royal family, from the monarchical residence.

Among the objects found in the room of the former employee of the royal residence are: signed official photographs of the Duke of Sussex, Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate.

At last though, the man who stole from Queen Elizabeth II has been caught and sentenced.

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