Madness Created Due To Coronavirus

Madness Created Due To Coronavirus

You would not believe the kind of madness created due to Coronavirus, but here are some instances:

  • Gallon sized jugs of bleach being purchased.
  • People trying to stockpile all kinds of foods and prescription meds.
  • Packs of Tamiflu being sought by people, without going through a doctor or insurance.
  • So they can “dose up to prepare”, people are asking when they can schedule another flu shot.
  • Newborn size disposable diapers are being purchased, to be used as masks.
  • In the ‘cold & flu’ section of pharmacies, there are no meds available – in many parts of the world. 
  • Packages of water bottles are being grabbed by people – fearing that soon, no water would be available.
  • As it is almost impossible to get hand sanitizers – aloe gel and isopropyl alcohol are not available. People are buying these, as they are trying to make DIY hand sanitizers from these.
  • People are having the worst possible fights – just for toilet paper.

People want to know if they can gargle with bleach and protect themselves from Coronavirus.

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