Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox Ready For Next Step?

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox ready for next step?

Eight months after Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly first made their relationship public, they now seem ready to take their relationship to the next level. Apparently Machine Gun Kelly is about to move out of his house.

The rapper recently said that he had started drug therapy. In an interview, he talked about how his relationship with Fox changed his life. The musician was open about his drug abuse.

Fox would help him take the steps he needed to stay healthy, by stopping the use of drugs. Machine Gun Kelly said that at the moment, his choice of drugs were commitment to art and happiness and not commitment to a vice which he once thought made art.

Indeed, it does seem like Megan and rapper Kelly are ready for the next step, as it appears as though the two of them are about to move in together.

Machine Gun Kelly was photographed transporting several moving boxes and items of clothing out of his house and loading them onto his car.

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