Lowering Of Coronavirus Testing Caused Spike In America?

Lowering of Coronavirus testing caused spike in America?

In an interview, US President Donald Trump was asked if he had told his administration to lower the Novel Coronavirus testing. He replied:

“No, but I think we put ourselves at a disadvantage, I told my people. I said, ‘We’ve gotten so good at testing … We test much more than any other nation,’ so you hear about all these cases.”

The NIH Director said:

“The average test delay is too long… And that really undercuts the value of the testing, because you do the testing to find out who’s carrying the virus and then quickly get them isolated so they don’t spread it around.”

Donald Trump added:

“So, instead of 25 million tests, let’s say we did 10 million tests. We’d look like we were doing much better because we’d have far fewer cases. You understand that. I wouldn’t do that, but I will say this: We do so much more than other countries it makes us, in a way, look bad but actually we’re doing the right thing.”

Sasha Tweets:

“He never ordered testing to be slowed. He said that it should as it’s being used by governors to put restrictions on the American people. Everyone has it, it is not as bad as they say. 15 days to slow the curve lead to total lock down. When that wasn’t enough they started riots.”

Mariska Tweets:

“No one is coming to save us.  Trumpery is incapable of deep thought or action; Pence is too afraid to do anything and they’ve got Dr. Fauci by the throat.  We know what to do to stay safe.  Be smart.”

US President Donald Trump further stated:

“We have kids, with sniffles, and all of the sudden we report a case and they’re in no danger whatsoever.”

America is the country that has been hit the worst by the COVID-19 pandemic and there are now approximately 144,000 people dead and around 3,962,000 cases in America, because of Coronavirus.

So the big question here is – has the lowering of Coronavirus testing caused a spike in America?

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