Loni Willison Homeless?

Loni Willison homeless?

Back in 2018, the fitness model and ex-wife of the famous actor Jeremy Jackson, disappeared from sight. Loni suffered from drug addiction, but no one imagined that she would become homeless.

Actor Jeremy Jackson, best known for his starring role in the TV series Rescuers Malibu, was Loni’s first and last spouse. The couple divorced a long time ago and about four years ago, Loni Willison was left homeless.

Two years ago, she disappeared from sight, there was no information about her. However, more recently, the paparazzi were able to capture Loni on the streets of one of the cities in America. The celebrity still suffers from drug addiction, moreover, she has many psychological disorders.

Worst of all, the once beautiful and well-groomed woman, who played sports every day, has become a real bum, who looks for food and clothes in garbage cans.

Loni Willison also explained to reporters that she does not need anything and that this way of life suits her. Everything she needed for life, was provided by nature itself and thanks to the favorable climate, she felt great.

It is worth noting that Loni used to decorate the covers of the most popular glossy magazines in the world and she gained the greatest popularity in Australia. Now she is missing most of her teeth and her hair is dyed pink and cut as short as possible.

Loni Willison homeless? Seems so!

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