Last Coronavirus Patient Discharged From Wuhan?

Last Coronavirus Patient Discharged From Wuhan?

China claims that it discharged the last Coronavirus patient from Wuhan.

According to reports from China, there are no more Novel Coronavirus cases in any of the hospitals in Wuhan, since the first time the virus broke out in Wuhan, in December 2019.

The recovery rate in Wuhan was reported to be over 92%.

By the end of Saturday, 3,869 deaths and 50,333 confirmed cases, were reported in Wuhan.

It had been reported that the origins of the killer Coronavirus, lay in a wet market in Wuhan, China – and then this spread all over the world, killing lacs of people and infecting millions.

Wuhan has recovered, factories in China are producing all kinds of goods! But all across the globe, lacs of people are dying due to the Coronavirus!

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