KZN Serial Killer At Large

KZN serial killer at large!

Police report that there could be a serial killer at large in the area of the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast.


“Girlies in KZN’s South Coast area, watch the news or look up articles, there’s a suspected serial killer. Fourth victim found today. Please do whatever you can to stay safe. What’s scaring me is how rapidly the murders are happening.”

A 4th body, that of a woman, was discovered on KZN’s South Coast, possibly killed by a KZN serial killer. This body was found in Mtwalume, South Africa. The naked body was found dumped in bushes that were very dense. The bodies of 3 women were found last month, by a farmer, on his property.

Dasen Thathiah:

“The body of a woman has been discovered in a bush in Mtwalume. It’s the fourth body to be dumped in the area since lockdown started. Police are on the scene. Police search and rescue teams have removed the body, which was hidden in a roadside bush. The victim is believed to be in her twenties.”

KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, where the KZN serial killer could be lurking, is also popularly known as KZN South Coast or South Coast.  It is an area that is located in South Africa, on the southern coast of KwaZulu-Natal.


“Could there be a serial killer in the area Dasen, were they all killed the same.”

A very notorious South African serial killer, was Thozamile Taki. His nickname was Sugarcane Killer and he killed 13 women, between the ages of 18–25 and dumped their bodies in agricultural plantations.

Killer Taki, was given 13 life sentences for these South African murders, in the year 2011, on January 19th. Plus, this South African killer, was given an additional sentence of 208 years – 16 years for each of the victims he murdered in South African armed robbery.


“Poverty, Hunger, Joblessness, Homelessness, AIDS, TB, Racial Divide, Crime, GBV, & Corrupt Government wasn’t enough?!?! Now we have a serial Killer? You lot can go F&@! Yourselves with a porcupine! How much more?

Is there really a KZN serial killer at large? The people there seem to think so!

Ms. Ndi:

“It’s happening in Mtwalume! No one is safe.”

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