Kiko Rivera Gives A Hint To Isabel Pantoja

Kiko Rivera gives a hint to Isabel Pantoja!

Kiko Rivera’s hint to Isabel Pantoja: her new musical work gives a lot to talk about!

After making strong statements against his mother in recent months, Kiko Rivera now goes on the offensive with new ways to raise his voice against what he considers to be unfair treatment.

Kiko has focused on his work in recent times and has left behind all the controversies with his mother, Isabel Pantoja. This December 22, is a day to celebrate.

Kiko Rivera wastes no time and has now released a new song that can change everything. He has released it on his YouTube platform, “Cicatriz”.

Rivera has had a very good week, as he has been named the face of a clothing company and online gaming brand, “Instant Gaming”.

The new work of the DJ comes from the hand of the record company “Universal” and in it he would make references to Isabel Pantoja and her family conflict.

A few days ago, Kiko Rivera contacted his sister, and asked her to visit Cantora to find out how his mother was.

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