Kids Start Schooling Again Amidst Coronavirus

Kids start schooling again amidst Coronavirus.

All over the globe, in many countries, kids have started going to school once again, in spite of the Coronavirus pandemic raging in full force.

But just how safe are kids in school at a time when Coronavirus is killing more and more people all over the globe and infecting thousands of people by the minute?

For instance in Jerusalem – a mother got a text message which told her that in her son’s middle school, one of the teachers had tested positive for Novel Coronavirus. She was not at all shocked to hear the news and replied: “I was just waiting for it.”

In some countries, it was announced that schools and nurseries would reopen from June 1, 2020. Then in one country, parents of a school came to know that a teacher had tested positive for Coronavirus. One of the moms immediately said:

“This is why I will be keeping Katy safe at home with me – I’m not putting her life at risk. It felt very passive-aggressive.”

Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health professor, Ora Paltiel, says:

“Eventually, we are going to pay for this. Even if many of these kids are not really sick, this could be a vehicle to spread it to the population.”

UNICEF says:

“We are slowly seeing an increasing number of children return to the classroom. More than 1 billion students are still out of school due to nationwide school closures, but more than 70 countries have announced plans to reopen schools and hundreds of millions of students have returned in recent weeks.”

Sarah Cytryn is a mother of a 6-year-old whose child goes to a school in Jerusalem. She says:

“We feel very uncomfortable about it. We’re probably ultimately exposing her to a thousand people by sending her, considering all the relatives, friends and playmates many people are having, but we’re trying to ignore the fear.”

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