Kids And Teachers At Risk Because Of Coronavirus

Kids and teachers at risk because of Coronavirus.

When schools reopen, kids and teachers are both going to be at risk, because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Some teachers are even suing for this.

Kyle Griffin Tweets:

“Teachers unions have sued Gov. Ron DeSantis over his emergency order pushing Florida schools to fully reopen next month even as coronavirus cases in the state are surging.”

And that’s not the worst part of it. There are some parents who are sending their kids to school, in spite of family members being infected with Coronavirus.

Eric Feigl-Ding Tweets:

“TEACHERS ARE AT RISK too. A kindergarten teacher warned that some parents were sending kids to school despite having family members who were in isolation for coronavirus—and then the 64 year told teacher died weeks later of COVID19. Let’s think of others.”

Meghan Hokom, heart transplant recipient and former teacher, from Houston, America, resigned from her job, as she was concerned about schools reopening in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meghan Hokom Tweets:

“I just didn’t feel safe being in the classroom.”

Scott Hodge Tweets:

“I don’t blame her. She is especially at risk because of her medical condition. She should be placed on medical leave. However, just because it’s unsafe for her to return, doesn’t mean it’s unsafe for HEALTHY teachers and students to return.

Teachers all over the globe, are not at all happy with the reopening of schools, when the killer Coronavirus disease is spreading all over the globe, more and more.

Jess Lifshitz Tweets:

“I think, as teachers, we will never forget how quickly and completely our concerns were dismissed in this moment. I imagine these scars will last for a long time.”

And with a hint of what looks like sarcasm, Mario Rods Tweets:

“The show must go on.” There are about 603,000 people dead and around 14,370,000 cases, globally, because of Coronavirus.

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