Kenosha, Wisconsin Is On Fire

Kenosha, Wisconsin is on fire!

Attorney Ben Crump said:

“We are still waiting for the facts to be confirmed but what it does tell us — whether is George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks — there is an issue with the culture and the behavior of policing in America. If we don’t have the systematic reform that this moment in America is crying out for, then we are going to continue to see after protest after protest, and cities burning all across America.”

Night and day, the city is being burnt by people. Here is what people who live in Kenosha, Wisconsin have to say:


“’This is destruction and hate and ignorance.”


“This will backfire on the Democrats and George Soros.”


“It’s time the patriots rise up. Enough is enough.”

Kenosha, Wisconsin, Mayor John Antaramian said:

“The purchase of body cameras has been under budget for a while. And part of the issue had been in dealing with the state, getting the state to change the law and how much, how long you have to hold the material. And so they did make that modification which makes it financially affordable for communities to actually have the bodycams.”


“What are we seeing?”


“Cops letting people go with guns!”


“Dudes dressed in black with rifles being held by a cop and he lets em go? What in the FUCK is going on down there???”


“No cop should be out there alone, so I suspect there’s more to this story. Maybe these were the armed ‘counter protesters’ we’re hearing about?”


“Those dudes don’t look like Antifa. They’re not pencil thin, with backpacks. Haven’t seen Antifa carry big guns either.”


“Did that cop just accidentally detain some undercover cops?”


“That shit is just plain weird. Cop is out there with multiple people and one is armed with a long gun and the cop IS BY HIMSELF!”

Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul said:

“We don’t make the prosecution decision in this case. That’s a decision that will be made ultimately by District Attorney [Michael] Graveley. But we will be working closely with his office as additional facts and evidence are uncovered. We understand that there is a need for this investigation to move swiftly. And our goal is to move swiftly with this investigation.”

“Kenosha better start praying.” – Lou

Yes, Kenosha, Wisconsin is on fire because of shooting of black Jacob Blake!

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