Karlie Kloss Fitness Secrets Revealed!

Karlie Kloss fitness secrets revealed!

How does she keep this dream body in good shape? The supermodel reveals her sports and beauty secrets.

She is the face of the “Metallics Collection” of the Spanish fashion label Mango and ideally stages the sparkling it-pieces with her dream body. But this is no coincidence for Karlie Kloss!

The top model, who presents her sexy body every year on the “Victoria’s Secret” catwalk, is a real sports fan and fitness professional. In the interview on the occasion of the presentation of the collection, where Karlie Kloss fitness secrets revealed!

Anyone who believes that models, actors and other public figures with dream bodies simply have good genes is mistaken. Indeed, in order for Karlie Kloss to get fit for the Victoria’s Secret show and for her to post hot bikini pictures of herself, she has to watch her diet very closely and do a lot of exercise. A lot of sport too!

BUT NOW, Karlie Kloss fitness secrets revealed!

Only two liters of water and a lot of sleep?

If you think that supermodels don’t have to sweat and exercise to keep their bodies in shape, you’re wrong! Karlie Kloss is known for doing a lot and especially enjoying sports. Her routine includes not only the gym and the obligatory jogging, but also ballet and cycling.

However, the sporty model handles her beauty routine in a very natural and uncomplicated way and says that if she’s in a hurry, she just washes her face, uses a touch of tinted moisturizer and a little mascara before she heads out.

Enviable when you’re with so little make-up and the result is so radiant! There you have it – Karlie Kloss fitness secrets revealed!

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