Journey To The West 1986, Riddled With Troubles!

Journey to the West 1986, riddled with troubles!

In order to successfully complete the film Journey to the West 1986, the film crew devised many ways to overcome the “poverty” of the ancient props. From here, there are many humorous and secret scenes, which when revealed, is sure to surprise the audience.

For instance, in episode 15, in the situation where the three originals, ask the three “fake” Tam Thanh for “holy water” and then discover that it is the urine of Wukong and the Eight Precepts. This detailed nature is very humorous, but when it is clear what “holy water” is used here, the audience is even more surprised.

In fact, the team of props when preparing, was to use carbonated water, but during the filming, deputy director Nhiem Phuong Pha suggested using draft beer as urine. According to the deputy director Nhiem, the beer is yellow in color and the foam is almost like urine.

This proposal was immediately approved by the director, resulting in the production of the scene as desired and the crew laughed. However, when everyone laughed, none of the staff members dared to drink the beer in the bottle, which was considered holy water, because the group kept thinking about the foam of beer which was the urine of the monkey and pigs.

According to known information, in order to find the appropriate scenes for the requirements of the script of Journey to the West 1986, director Duong Khiet and the film crew had to go through more than 26 Chinese provinces and many times encountered dangerous accidents.

The budget of Journey to the West 1986 was too less, so the whole crew had to try to save as much as possible, save money for post-production, do tricks, etc. Each staff member and actors were only given limited snacks. The person with the highest salary at that time was Luc Tieu Linh Dong.

Not only lack of funds, the crew also lacked manpower. Therefore, actors would sometimes have to assist the porter while the behind-the-scenes staff were mobilized to appear in front of the camera without actors, when shooting for Journey to the West 1986.

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