Jessica Alba Hollywood Star Has 3 Citizenships?

Jessica Alba Hollywood star has 3 citizenships?

According to the origins of her parents, Alba today has American, Canadian and Mexican citizenship. Born in California, Jessica Alba spent the first years of her childhood on various military bases in the Air Force.

At the age of twelve, Jessica Alba Hollywood star took acting lessons from Felicity Huffman (who played Lynette Scavo in the TV series “Desperate Housewives”).

Alba’s greatest acting successes are “Sin City” and the TV series “Dark Angel”. Jessica won the Teen Choice Award, the Kids Choice Award and the Saturn Award for Dark Angel.

Even today, Alba’s private life – despite all the fame – has remained free of scandals. After several years of a stable relationship with film partner Michael Weatherly, an affair with actor Mark Wahlberg haunted the media in 2004.

Jessica Alba Hollywood star is regularly committed to helping AIDS welfare and is also committed to animal welfare. In 2006, Alba was featured in Playboy.

Today, Alba is mainly cast for action films and comedies, including blockbusters such as “Sin City (2005) and” The Love Guru “(2008). In 2010, she was in theaters with a total of five films. In 2015 she starred in the music video for Taylor Swift’s hit – “Bad Blood”.

The career of Jessica Alba Hollywood star got going in 2000, with the science fiction series “Dark Angel”, by director James Cameron.

In 2005, Jessica suggested to the producer of “The Lord of the Rings”, Bob Weinstein, to let her play the “Lord of the Rings” episodes in the film for free, if it offered 100,000 dollars for a good cause. Weinstein turned down the offer.

When filming in 2006, Jessica Alba met director Cash Warren. In 2008, they got married. In the same year, daughter Honor Marie Warren was born. In 2011, the couple’s second daughter was born. Jessica Alba Hollywood star and her husband live together in California.

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