Jennifer Aniston Criticized For Christmas Tree Decorations

Jennifer Aniston criticized for Christmas tree decorations!

In view of the current Covid 19 situation, she was abused by some users on social media, as “irresponsible” and “insensitive”.

Jennifer Aniston presented her special Christmas tree decorations for this year. But instead of positive comments, she received a lot of criticism!

In an Instagram story that has since been deleted, Jennifer showed a picture of a wooden Christmas tree pendant that read “Our first pandemic 2020”.

Another user on a social media wrote that while it is perfectly okay to make the best of the situation, downplaying the grave situation is not.

Some fans also backed Jennifer and drew attention to the fact that the Hollywood super star had campaigned for the safety measures in the pandemic. She had asked for masks to be worn, supported local shops and donated money to aid funds.

Plus, it was not at all clear whether the Christmas tree decorations were Jennifer’s own or that of a friend.

Jennifer probably imagined her Christmas party to be more relaxed! In addition to her numerous film and television appearances, the actress has also been present on social media for some time. On social media, Jennifer Aniston provides her fans with insights into her life even during Christmas!

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