James Bond Film Spends 60 Thousand Euros On Coca-Cola

James Bond film spends 60 thousand Euros on Coca-Cola!

The authors of the James Bond film “007: No Time to Die”, shared an interesting fact from the filming. The film crew spent 60 thousand Euros on Coca-Cola, which no one even drank.

It turned out that more than 30 thousand liters of the drink were simply poured onto the asphalt. It was necessary, so as to perform one difficult stunt on a motorcycle.

In one of the frames, James Bond rushes down the street and flies on it over a wall, but there was one obstacle for the stuntmen to perform this stunt – very slippery paving stones. The way out of the situation was precisely Coca-Cola, which was poured onto the ground to make it sticky.

This helped stuntman Paul Edwards successfully perform a dangerous stunt that will eventually become a decoration for the new James Bond film “007: No Time to Die.”

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