Jacinda Ardern’s Coronavirus Complacency Warning!

Jacinda Ardern’s Coronavirus complacency warning!

Jacinda Ardern, the PM of New Zealand said:

“We only need to look to [the Australian states of] Victoria, New South Wales; Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea to see examples of other places that like us had the virus under control at a point in time only to see it emerge again.”

She added:

“When we closed our borders on the 19th of March there were 240,000 cases in the world in total. It’s 50 times worse than that now.”

New Zealand is one of the countries that has handled the Coronavirus crisis very well.

Tania McCartney Tweets:

“The countries most affected by Covid-19 are the USA, Brazil, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy and France. The countries that are recognized as having managed the crisis best are Germany, Taiwan, New Zealand, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Denmark.”

How did New Zealand handle the Coronavirus pandemic so very well?

This Tweet by Tony Leachon MD very aptly why:

“Coronavirus: 5 things New Zealand got right

1. The lockdown was swift and tough

2. The rules were communicated effectively

3. The country ramped up its testing capacity

4. Geography was an advantage

5. It followed the pandemic guidebook properly”

Quite obviously, countries must be looking at New Zealand with envy and wondering why they could not control Coronavirus, like New Zealand did.

Queen Victoria Tweets:

“Tell me everyone in Australia isn’t looking over the fence at New Zealand’s covid elimination success and asking the obvious question: why can’t we achieve that here?”

Jacinda Ardern added:

“Every time you step into the world I want you to ask this question: ‘If I come into contact with Covid today, how will I know, and how will others know?”

New Zealand has just 22 deaths and only around 1,550 cases, because of Coronavirus.

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