Italy Bleeds To Over 10,000 Coronavirus Deaths!

Italy Bleeds To Over 10,000 Coronavirus Deaths!

Sad, but true, Italy bleeds to over 10,000 Coronavirus deaths! The highest number of deaths in any country, in the entire world, so far!

And on March 27, 2020, Italy was witness to almost 1000 Coronavirus deaths in one day! This is the highest daily figure that Italy has seen, since the outbreak of the killer Novel Coronavirus.

Yes, March 27, 2020, saw almost 1000 people dying in Italy, in just one day, because of Coronavirus.

Which would indicate that, as of this day, a total of 9,134 people have died in Italy, because of COVID-19.

In Europe, Italy is the country that is the worst-affected. Almost each and everything in Italy has been shut down and people have been told not to leave their homes.

Earlier, on Friday, there was a warning issued by authorities, that it was very likely that restrictions could be extended beyond April 3, 2020.

The place in Italy that has been hit the hardest is the northern region of Lombardy. In just the past 24 hours, the region of Lombardy has seen 541 deaths!

In Italy, the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases been almost 86,500.

There are also growing fears, that there could be an increase in the number of COVID-19, in the poorer south of Italy.

President of the Campania region around Naples, Vincenzo De Luca, said on Thursday, that the central government had not supplied the promised life-saving equipment and ventilators.

Vincenzo De Luca further stated,

“At this point there is the real prospect that Lombardy’s tragedy is about to become the south’s tragedy.”

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, on this very same day announced that the entire Europe would be hit by a very severe recession. The Prime Minister promised that Italy would get a

second stimulus package which would be worth a minimum of €25bn (£23bn; $27bn).

Day and night, the struggle for the people of Italy continues to increase and more and more people are dying with each passing day – and night, because of Novel Coronavirus!

On March 10, 2020, Italy, a country with around 60 million people, went into a nationwide lockdown, which has gone on for more than two weeks now, but the progress has been painfully slow and very uneven.

Worse still, the bad news continues to keep pouring in – with each passing minute!

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Italy, 46 doctors have died!

On Thursday, Italy’s death toll was 3,405 and it thus overtook China, as being the country with the most number of deaths due to Coronavirus.

The healthcare system of Italy has literately crumbled because of lack of medical resources, lack of beds and of course – way too many patients!

One thing is very clear about the situation in Italy, there is definitely going to be a need to extend the containment measures. And the bad news according to the National Health Council of Italy, is that this extension could possibly last for many months!

This is going to cause a lot of panic and anxiety not just in Italy – but in all parts of the globe, where the restrictions that have been put in place by Italy, serve as a role model for many countries!

Italy is one or two weeks ahead of almost all of Europe, both, in regards to the lockdown and also in regards to the progression of the killer Coronavirus!

Of note is how just within a matter of 24 days, after the Coronavirus took hold of Italy, the country went from being a country that was healthy and normal – to a country of ruins and death!

What will happen in Italy, is definitely going to be watched by people all over the world.

Time only will tell what will happen in Italy.

Time only knows the answers to how many more poor souls will die in Italy, because of the killer Coronavirus!

At the time of publishing this, the death toll in Italy due to the Coronavirus was the highest in the world – 10,023 and 92,472 confirmed cases.

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