Is There A Connection Between Ajman Fire And Beirut Explosions?

Is there a connection between Ajman fire and Beirut explosions?

Just a couple of days after the blasts in Beirut, now explosions and fires are being seen in Ajman, UAE!

A large fire and explosions have been reported in the market of Ajman, UAE.

Is there a connection between the explosions and fires in Ajman, UAE and the blasts in Beirut a couple of days ago?

People are saying:


“Wtf is going on??? I thought Lebanon explosion was an accident. This seem to be a plot or maybe really an coincidence. That black smoke is disturbing”


“It’s a sabotage from Turkish intelligence services”


“What is burning so hot here? Chemicals or fuel. There were fires in Iraq too.”


“It’s either fuel or rubber with the plumes of black smoke”


“May be due to burning of plastic crates in fruit and vegetable market!”


“Reports  of a major fire are now coming to light from #Ajman in the United Arab Emirates (#UAE).This is very disturbing as it has happened  a day after a catastrophic explosion rocked the Lebanese capital of Beirut”


“They might be attacking food supplies. In Beirut the blast wiped out 85% of grain silos and now, the Ajman market.”


“How something strange is happening that happens at almost the same time as yesterday’s explosion … this smells like terrorism


“Look, people, something very sinister is going on. Be on the lookout. It seems they out to destroy your food supplies in order to create food scarcity. Who would do this?? Some powerful people (few) who want to control you.”

The big fire began at around 6.30 PM, in the industrial area of Ajman. It is reported that civil defense teams reached the spot in 3 minutes and brought the fire under control. There have been no reports of anyone dying or anyone being injured, in this fire.

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