Is South Africa Too Expensive Even For South Africans?

Is South Africa too expensive even for South Africans?

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That’s what I thought until I started visiting other countries. Boy was I wrong! SA has good quality products at reasonable prices compared to other European/African countries. You even miss the sunlight bar soap when you are outside SA. If we can only see how privileged we are.


Anecdotal evidence is dangerous. I lived in London and Singapore for many years, and currently split my time between Joburg and Dubai (well I did pre-lockdown), and SA is by far the cheapest of the nine countries I’ve lived in, bar one.


Make it make sense for us as South Africans in South Africa? I can’t travel overseas because boarders are closed and trying our country out to pay R13K per person per night?


My overseas friends say SA is a very expensive destination.  Even with the current exchange rate. And they are affraid to come because of the crime and safety. And that was before lockdown created another 3 million hungry people….


Not true Alan, food is unbelievably cheap in South Africa compared to big European countries.


Which European countries? Food costs *the same* in German and South African supermarkets, but Germans earn Euros. Only meat & alcohol are cheaper in South Africa. I live in Europe & visit SA every year. Am always shocked by the prices of basic things like bananas in South Africa.


Just moved to USA and South Africans should honestly appreciate the good our country has. I bought a pack of pads for R160 same one is R23 in most SA shops. Cost of living is best in SA. I miss home


Overall, USA is better for a household. Lower taxes, cheaper fuel, public schools, no ADT, cheaper power, lower interest rates… right?


South Africa is actually living it up in terms of affordability for citizens. People in a lot of first world countries can barely breathe without a second or third job. Poverty is bad here, but cost of living is not as ridiculous as in many other places.


It’s still crazy, do you know how hard it is to be employed? To start your own business you’ll need money too, most of the times.


That’s not unique to South Africa. Those are problems facing citizens all over the world, South Africa just doesn’t have it as BAD as most of the world, and we should be really grateful about that.

Is South Africa too expensive even for South Africans? You be the judge!

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