Iraqis Murdered For Protesting For Basic Human Rights

Iraqis murdered for protesting for basic human rights.

In recent years, there have been regular protests against the government of Iraq. But since October 1, 2019, people all over Iraq have been taking to the streets, to protest against high unemployment, foreign interference, dire public services and endemic corruption.

K Tweets:

“Anyways if you didn’t know, Iraqis are being brutally murdered for protesting basic human rights. The government has turned off electricity (during a pandemic and 50 degrees weather) to stop people protesting.”

The United Nations has asked the Iraqi government not to make use of violence against Iraqi protestors – and also to pass anti-corruption measures and electoral reforms.

Lawk Ghafuri Tweets:

“Sadr city in Baghdad which is the hometown of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr are protesting tonight against lack of basic services and electricity in Baghdad. This is interesting development as Muqtada al-Sadr is a keen supporter of current cabient.”

So just what was it that triggered these protests and unrest in Iraq, on October 1, 2019?

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, towards the end of September 2019, demoted the highly popular counter-terrorism chief of Iraq, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Wahab al-Saadi. This angered the people of Iraq and calls went out on social media, for protests to be held in Iraq, on October 1, 2019.

The protests were against the Iraqi government, for not being able to eradicate corruption, create jobs and provide basic services to the people of Iraq.

It has been reported that in these protests, around 500 Iraqis have been killed and almost 20,000 people are injured.

Donatella Rovera Tweets:

“Demonstrators are back on the streets of Baghdad in Iraq, protesting against the dire state of basic services. Last night two demonstrators were killed in IraqProtests”

Lawk Ghafuri Tweets:

“Many tents burned in Tahrir Square tonight after security forces clashed w/ protesters, the protesters are calling on security forces to let ambulances to arrive to the square to transport wounded protesters. At the end he says “Shit on you Khomaini”.

In the recent protests, over the past month, around 2,000 people have been injured and around 150 people have been killed in Iraq.

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