Iranian Angelina Jolie Reappears After Time In Prison

Iranian Angelina Jolie reappears after time in prison.

The Iranian Angelina reappeared after her time in prison and looks like another person.

The Iranian Jolie was in jail for 14 months, after being convicted of blasphemy and incitement to violence.

Sahar Tabar became known worldwide for her aesthetic appearance, after undergoing several surgeries and for retouching her photos before posting them. In due time, she came to be known as the Iranian Angelina Jolie.

The girl, whose real name is Fatemeh Khishvand, was in jail for 14 months. While serving her sentence, she became infected with Coronavirus and was assisted by a respirator. Because of the sentence that was passed on her, there were a number of repercussions, resulting in her recent release.

The photos of the 19-year-old went around the world and generated alarm for her extreme thinness. However, things did not turn out as people imagined. By appearing on television, she showed her real appearance and turned out to be very different from what was seen on her Instagram account.

The Iranian Angelina Jolie assured people she edited the images before publishing them, because since she was a girl, she wanted to be famous and that way she found a way to get exposure.

Far from having a successful life as the American actress, her days fell from grace. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison for blasphemy and incitement to violence. This for her publications on social networks as the Iranian Angelina Jolie.

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