Iran Leaders Mass Slaughtering Innocent People!

Iran leaders mass slaughtering innocent people!

Saw this very saddening Tweet by madam_france:

“While we were warning about danger of executing three young innocent person, IR regime has sentenced five more people arrested on January 2017 because of protesting peacefully. Their lives is in danger!!”

I asked: Any more info on this?

madam_france Tweeted back:

“Yes of course, last week AmirHosseinMoradi, Said Tamjidi, Mohamad Rajabi were sentenced to death. And now 5 more: Mahdi Salehi, Mohamad Bastami, Majid NazarKandari, Hadi Kiyani, Abbas Mohamadi are sentenced to death. Regime’s killing machine shuts down any opposite voice.”

It looks like it’s –

Iran Massacre Time once again!

Who can forget the Massacre of 1988?

In 1988, political prisoners all over Iran, were sentenced to be executed, starting July 19, 1988. These executions were state-sponsored and they lasted for around 5 months.

Amnesty International, published a report on this, in the year 1990. Amnesty International concluded n the report:

“The massacre of political prisoners was a premeditated and coordinated policy which must have been authorized at the highest level of government.”

At this time, Ayatollah Montazeri (Grand Ayatollah Hussein-Ali Montazeri (24 September 1922 – 19 December 2009) had written to Ayatollah Khomeini, saying:

“At least order to spare women who have children … the execution of several thousand prisoners in a few days will not reflect positively and will not be mistake-free”

In the Massacre of 1988, it is estimated that more than 30,000 prisoners were killed. As the numbers of people to be executed was so large, they were clubbed in groups of 6, loaded into forklift trucks and then hanged from cranes, at 30 minute intervals.

The Massacre of 1988 was ordered by none other than the then “Supreme Leader” of Iran, Ruhollah Khomeini, aka Ayatollah Khomeini.

In the history of Iran, there have been just 2 Supreme Leaders:

  1. Ayatollah Khomeini (1979, till his death in 1989.)
  2. Ali Khamenei (Ruling Iran since Khomeini’s death.)

And now once again…

The government of Iran is sentencing people to death –

And that too…

Because of protesting peacefully?!!

Aban Tahmasebi Tweets:

“The shameless, inhuman and totalitarian regime in Iran should be targeted by universal social medias to which Iranian twitter users will resonate anew their voice of liberty…”

How much more barbaric can this get?

Is the world sleeping to what is happening in Iran?

Queen Of War Tweets:

“The government wants to intimidate us with successive executions …  But the real horror is in their own hearts —  We are sparks waiting to ignite”

So now how many people will die in Iran, because of the so called “Supreme Leader” of Iran – Ali Khamenei?

How many people have to be slaughtered in Iran, before the world wakes up and notices? Wake up world, Iran needs you!

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