Iran Leaders Increasing Atrocities Amidst Coronavirus

Iran leaders increasing atrocities amidst Coronavirus!

It appears that the leaders of Iran are not satisfied with the damage and death that is being caused by the killer COVID-19 pandemic in the country –

The number of atrocities being committed by the leaders of Iran, in the past few weeks, is on a rapid rise.

Lorena Slafford Tweets:

“The regime is our inverted image, our enemy, not representatives. They should be behind bars for all the crimes they have committed. For the nightmare concentration camp they have turned my home to. They should be trialed for treason. Any deal is Illegitimate”

In November 2019, in protests in Iran against the ruling regime, state security forces of Iran, killed Farzad Ansarifar. On Thursday, his uncle, Ahmad Ansarifar, was arrested and he was transported to an unstated location.

Reza Pahlavi Tweets:

“The arrest of Manuchehr Bakhtiari, father of slain protester Pouya, has enraged every one of us. This regime kills our pure-hearted & patriotic youth and imprisons their mothers and fathers for seeking justice & for refusing to bow their heads to the enemy, the Islamic Republic.”

As a result of the anti-government protests that took place in Behbahan, Iran, the government of Iran has arrested loads of Iranians.

IRAN HRM Tweets:

“Ehsan Majidi pour, 37, & Amin Salehizadeh, 20, are among those arrested following the anti-government protests that broke out in the city of Behbahan, Iran on July 16. Iranian police have said they will deal “decisively” with further protests over economic hardship, a day after security forces fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators in the southwestern city of Behbahan.”

Coronavirus is strife in Iran, but healthcare workers are not being paid.

Iran News Wire Tweets:

“Healthcare workers and employees of the Jalil Hospital gathered today outside the Governor’s Office to demand their unpaid wages and benefits. Their signs say that they have not received 23 months’ worth of benefits.”

IranTrue Tweets:

“Abbas Tabrizian, self-called “father of Islamic medicine”:#coronavirus is not transmitted to men through air or personal contact among men, but only women can transmit it to men through close contact! To stop spreading the virus, only women should wear mask!”

Around 15,300 people are dead and there are about 287,000 cases in Iran, because of the killer Coronavirus, which started in Wuhan, China.

Joab Hans Tweets:

“For people who do not understand what Iraninas people are fighting for, just read this picture. We should stand in solidarity with with Iranians and fights against evil Chinese Communist Party together.”

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