India Record 9,887 Coronavirus Cases And 294 Deaths In 24 Hours

India record 9,887 Coronavirus cases and 294 deaths in 24 hours.

This is the highest single-day jump seen by India.

According to reports, on Friday, India overtook Italy and became the 6th worst affected country in the globe, because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The top 6 most badly hit countries because of Novel Coronavirus are America, Brazil, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom and India.

India is also slowly moving towards the adding of 10,000 new Coronavirus cases each day. For the 3rd day in row, India has reported over 9,000 cases per day.

On Thursday the number of New Coronavirus was 9,304 and on Friday it was 9,851.

In the past week, on an average, India reported 239 new deaths per day. This is 33% greater than the average of the week prior to that, which was 179.

It is believed that the number of Coronavirus infections in India, will continue to be on the rise, because of the decision made by the government of India, to ease lockdown restrictions, because of its ailing economy.

At the time of writing this, there were around 237,000 cases and about 6,650 deaths in India, because of Coronavirus.

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