In Spite Of Coronavirus, Schools Are Reopening In Some Countries!

In Spite Of Coronavirus, Schools Are Reopening In Some Countries!

Yes, in spite of Coronavirus, schools are reopening in some countries.  

When lockdowns are being eased in certain countries, it is being seen that they experience second waves of the killer Novel Coronavirus.  

In spite of this, some countries are now opening schools and endangering the lives of kids.

Some of these countries who are reopening schools, in the times of this deadly Coronavirus, are China, Norway, Taiwan, Japan, Denmark and Israel.

All over the globe, schools have been shut down, to stop the spread of the killer Coronavirus disease.

Schools which are reopening, are believed to be taking all kinds of precautionary measures against the New Coronavirus, such as keeping tables and desks apart from each other, conducting classes outside and having compulsory temperature checks.

Since the outbreak of the killer Coronavirus, almost as many as 300 million kids all over the globe, have been missing school.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Head of the World Health Organization, said: 

“We are working together to find a way to make sure that children everywhere can continue their education, with special care to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.”

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