In Coronavirus Times, Black Man Killed By Police Officer In America

In Coronavirus times, black man killed by police officer in America!

A Black American was killed by a police officer in America.

The police officer knelt on the neck of the black man and choked him to death.

This has led to widespread rioting and protests, in almost all parts of America.

Surveillance cameras and also video clips that are being distributed on various social media platforms, reveal the footage of a 46 year old black man, cooperating with police officers.

The police officers then handcuff the black man and lead him to the sidewalk and there he is made to sit and answer questions.

But then, only a few minutes later, he is taken to a police car and here he is seen

sprawled on the ground.

Then a white police officer kneels on his neck.

The 46 year old black man is George Floyd and he is heard saying on the video:

“Please, I can’t breathe”.

Bystanders are heard saying on the footage that George Floyd appeared to be bleeding from the nose.

One of the bystanders pleads with the policemen:

“You have got him down, let him breathe at least”.

But the police officer just ignores the plea and shouts of people and keeps on kneeling on the neck of George Floyd until he either lost consciousness or died and lay still on the ground.

George Floyd was put on a stretcher and taken to a Minneapolis hospital and here he was declared ‘brought dead’.

All over America, there are now large-scale riots and protests and people are damaging police stations and police vehicles.

There are people who are protesting with placards that read:

 “Let me breathe” and “I can’t breathe”.

All over America, people are demanding justice.

On, there is now a petition that demands for harsh punishment for the police officers responsible for the killing of George Floyd and till Thursday morning, it had 230,000 endorsements.

Watching the scene on the news, 43-year-old Christie Peters, from Atlanta, USA says:

“It’s just a lot to carry. I think it just comes from a place of feeling ineffectual, because what you’re asking black people to do is have faith in a system where almost every position of power in this system is led by people who look like, speak like, vote like the very people who are perpetrating this against us.”

Derek Chauvin was later on identified as the police officer who knelt on the neck of George Floyd. There were 4 police officers involved in the incident and all 4 have been fired.

But there is a huge demand for their prosecution for murder and as accessories to murder.

Derek Chauvin, at the end of Friday, was arrested and charged with manslaughter and third-degree murder.

Andrea Jenkins, the City Council’s vice president, said:

“All throughout America and right here in Minneapolis, we feel as if there was a knee on all of our collective necks, a knee that says ‘black life does not matter. I am a part of this system to help to take that knee off of our necks.”

America is definitely in turmoil, first by Coronavirus and now by this!

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