Ice Palace Fined Nearly Half A Million Rubles

Ice Palace fined nearly half a million rubles!

The court fined the Ice Palace almost half a million rubles because of Basta’s concert.

The Nevsky District Court of St. Petersburg fined the administration of the Ice Palace, 480 thousand rubles, after a concert by rapper Basta.

The event was held at the end of November 2020 and was in violation of sanitary standards, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Basta himself had previously responded to the accusations, stating that during the event, all measures taken by the city ​​authorities to combat the spread of Coronavirus infection, were observed.

But, video footage from the event published on social networks, clearly shows that fans of Basta, did not observe social distancing.

As such, a lawsuit was filed against the organizers of one of the concerts. The head of the department, Anna Popova, called the mass demonstrations unacceptable in the context of the Coronavirus pandemic.

A few days after the incident, new restrictions were introduced in St. Petersburg, to prevent the further spread of Coronavirus infection.

According to the order of Governor Alexander Beglov, St. Petersburg museums and theaters are closed from December 30 to January 10. Also during this period, the work of restaurants and cafes is prohibited.

And there we have it, the Ice Palace has been fined nearly half a million rubles!

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