Hundreds Of Kids In Indonesia Dead Due To Coronavirus?

Hundreds of kids in Indonesia dead due to Coronavirus?

It is believed that hundreds of kids in Indonesia have died because of Novel Coronavirus. This has made Indonesia, the country in the world, with the highest death rate for kids suffering from New Coronavirus.

This is actually shocking news, as world experts say that Coronavirus poses hardly any danger to kids.

Health officials and pediatricians of Indonesia, say that the number of child deaths in the country, was due to various underlying factors, particularly those like inadequate child health facilities, anemia and malnutrition.

Achmad Yurianto, a senior health ministry official, said:

“COVID-19 proves that we have to fight against malnutrition.”

Achmad Yurianto added that kids from Indonesian were caught in a “devil’s circle”. He said this was a cycle of malnutrition and anemia and this increased the vulnerability of kids to Coronavirus. Achmad Yurianto compared the malnourished kids of Indonesia, to weak structures that “crumble after an earthquake”.

Indonesia is a developing country and it is suffering from what is called a “triple burden of malnutrition.” According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, this is inclusive of obesity, anemia among mothers and stunting.

Almost 1 out of 3 kids in Indonesia, under the age of 5, are stunted.

Dr Nastiti Kaswandani, a pediatric pulmonologist in the capital, Jakarta, says:

“The nutrition status impacts children’s immunity. That’s important in mitigating COVID infections.”

Pediatricians in Indonesia, state that another reason for this issue was a healthcare system that was ill-equipped. Pediatric doctor in Jakarta, Shela Putri Sundawa, said:

“The biggest discrepancy in Indonesia is the availability of pediatric intensive care units.”

It was recently revealed by the Indonesian Pediatricians Association (IDAI), that as on May 18, 2020, 3,324 kids have been classified under PDP status. This refers to people who have Coronavirus symptoms, but have not been confirmed as suffering from New Coronavirus illness – 129 of whom have died.

Data from IDAI revealed that that another 584 children in Indonesia had tested positive for Coronavirus and 14 of these had died. 

Selina Patta Sumbung, CEO of Save the Children Indonesia said:

“We hope that with this study, all the stakeholders will generate more cooperation and efforts to ensure the fulfillment of children’s rights during the pandemic.”

It is now believed that hundreds of kids in Indonesia are dying from Coronavirus.

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