Human Trials Of Coronavirus Vaccine Underway

Human trials of Coronavirus vaccine underway. As per reports from the World Health Organization, there are 8 Novel Coronavirus vaccines that are in the human trial phase and there are 110 more Coronavirus vaccines that are in preclinical stages.

In late April 2020, Chadox1, the COVID-19 vaccine of Oxford University, entered human trials. Chadox1 is an adenovirus vector which develops an immune response which is very strong, with just one shot of the vaccine being given.

According to a preprint research article which was released by Oxford University, Chadox1, has proved to be highly effective in rhesus monkeys.

Adenovirus vectors are very common vector types which are used for the development of vaccines.

When you are given such a vaccine, your immune system will react to the vaccine in just the same way, as though you were exposed to the target microbe, in a natural environ. And your immune system would then produce antibodies against the target microbe.

Thus, without falling ill, you would be protected from Coronavirus.

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