Human Trafficking 2020 Being Ignored Largely

Human trafficking 2020 being ignored largely!

Human trafficking statistics reveal that a half of the human trafficking victims worldwide, are less than 26 years of age. Almost 1/4th of this, is due to human trafficking children.

What is the government doing to stop human trafficking?

Ivanka Trump:

“For 3+yrs, Donald Trump has put combating human trafficking at the forefront of our domestic + international policies & signed 9 bills into law addressing this issue. Today was another landmark moment announcing $35M in grants for safe + stable House building for survivors of trafficking.”

But, are people really bothered about human trafficking 2020?


“Human trafficking is a serious and scary problem. Just amazed at how people are worried about it now who have ignored it for years.”


“The fact that people are afraid to talk about certain issues going on in this world because they’re afraid to be labeled/considered a “liberal” or “conservative” is seriously baffling.”

Fact is, with regards to human trafficking age, the biggest age group of human trafficking 2020, is of the ages 15 to 17.

Angela Stanton King, US House candidate:

“Lexington, Ky. 10 Days ago a young girl rolled out the back of a Volkswagon, bound at the hands. Allegedly she was raped, beaten and trafficked. This story has gotten no news coverage. Currently looking into this story.”

There can be no doubt about it, human trafficking crime, is very atrocious – no matter where it is happening in the world. Ways to avoid human trafficking, have to be found out and fast, by world governments, as this problem affects the human trafficking victim, the human trafficking victim family and also the community on a whole.

Many 2020 human trafficking victims have died and there are many others who find themselves stranded in another country – SOLD – and wondering what is going to happen to the rest of their lives!

Yes, largely, human trafficking 2020 is being ignored!

LaRosa, on human trafficking facts:

“Under President Trump human trafficking is being combated. Under Biden, it will be ignored.”

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