How Valid Is The Russian Coronavirus Vaccine?

How valid is the Russian Coronavirus vaccine?

Russia announced on July 10, 2020, that the Phase I Novel Coronavirus vaccine trials, which they were carrying out, would be completed by July 15, 2020 and then they would begin the second phase.

The Russian Defence Ministry stated:

“An in-ward treatment of the first group of volunteers, who were tested for the safety and tolerability of the vaccine, will end on July 15.”

The ‘safety and tolerability’ of the New Coronavirus vaccine will be tested, in what is termed as Phase-I and this will be carried out on a group of volunteers.

There are now various reports from Russia, stating that the successful completion had been done, for clinical trials of a Russian Coronavirus vaccine.

BUT, Most of these reports failed to reveal that only phase-I of these clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine were done. Phase-II trials were scheduled to begin on Monday, July 13, 2020.

The Russian Defence Ministry added:

“On Monday, July 13, the second group of volunteers, who are tested for the efficiency and immunogenicity of the vaccine, will be injected with the second component of the vaccine against the Coronavirus.”

If the Phase-II trials are a success, is there going to be a Phase-III? This then is the BIG GREY area here.

There is absolutely no clarity as to whether or not the COVID-19 vaccine of Russia, will undergo Phase-III trials. Normally, this should be happening. But seeing the current global scenario, nothing is certain.

For example, a Novel Coronavirus vaccine, which was developed in China, had been approved for use, right after the Phase-II trials and it is currently being used in China, but only on Chinese army personnel, so claim China.

Clearly there is just no clarity as to when the Phase-III trials of the Coronavirus disease vaccine will begin in Russia – if they ever will!

Very important to take note here is that even if Phase-III is completed successfully, it takes a number of months, before the general public could get access to the vaccine. This is because there are many rounds of administrative and regulatory approvals, needed to be obtained.

As such the big question now here is, just how valid is the Russian Coronavirus vaccine?

In Russia, about 11,440 people are dead and there are around 734,000 cases, because of the killer Coronavirus.

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