How To Stay As Fit As Dakota Johnson

How to stay as fit as Dakota Johnson!

Dakota has a perfect physique and it is not just a toned and lean physique, but a body that is put on display, often without clothes or almost, in different moments of the film (as was the case, indeed, even in the first chapter of 50 shades of Grey.

Being able to show off a body worthy of being shown off, is thanks not only to mother nature, but also to the advice of the personal trainer of the stars, Gunnar Peterson, who was able to create an ad-hoc workout for her, considering that, like she said, she had to “stay naked for 6 months”, that is, for the time of filming of the film

Gunnar Peterson chose a workout to make Dakota Johnson’s body not only dry and toned, but also harmonious and sensual.

To achieve this perfect result for Dakota Johnson, Gunnar focused on three fundamental points of her body: buttocks, stomach and arms. The favorite exercises proposed to Dakota for her workout were for example the squats with press and rotation, which involve all the muscles with transverse, frontal, sagittal movements.

Dakota Johnson was also trained by Katy Duke, a personal trainer from New York. For Dakota, Katy chose exercises that focused on fluid and stretching movements: for example, arabesque.

How is arabesque done?

 Step back into the rear lunge, then lift the heel of the back foot and finally lift the leg behind you while balancing with the knee of the front leg bent.

This position tones, improves the balance and grace of the movements: it is essential to feel sexy and move in a sensual way, fundamental points for the actress who in this film makes her strong point of her newly discovered sensuality.

While Dakota was busy shooting, she trained daily, alternating between yoga and a custom routine created for her by Duke.

The workout includes dumbbells, towels and a support chair. So now you know how to stay as fit as Dakota Johnson!

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