How Rock Star Mick Jagger Keeps Fit!

How rock star Mick Jagger keeps fit!

Mick Jagger has been rocking with the Rolling Stones since 1962. Over 200 million records sold, eight children of five women and millions in the account. Survived an assassination attempt, drank, smoked, groupies and prison – life in the fast lane!

Mick Jagger is 77! How did he do it?

Just how does rock star Mick Jagger keep fit?

He has been doing anti-gravity yoga for years. The exercises are practiced with a trapezoidal cloth firmly anchored in the ceiling, at a height of around two meters.

Vodka was once Mick Jagger’s thirst quencher. But for many years he has been drinking almost exclusively water. Before a concert, however, he treats himself to a small beer (“to relax”). His breakfast consists of smoothies (fruit juice sounds less sexy) and muesli, later there’s rice and chicken.

Mick is an excellent kickboxer. The sport is also perfect for stress relief and posture.

Yes, the substances that the Stones sniffed or smoked in the past would be enough for a trip around the world. Today the rocker only swallows vitamin pills.

He used to drink to relax. That is why he is now meditating and practicing with monks in Laos and Thailand.

Michael Phillip Jagger was born in England in 1943. His father was a PE teacher and his mother an Avon consultant.

Rock star Mick Jagger fit also keeps by jogging 12 kilometers a day, a marathon distance to prepare for the tour. He also likes to cycle. Jagger lifts weights, five to six times a week.

Mick Jagger may be 77 years old, but that only applies to real life. On the other hand, on the rock stage, he is the forever young at heart. He prances, jumps and does pirouettes as if he were no more than 20 years old.

Now you know how rock star Mick Jagger keeps fit!

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