How Hollywood Celebrities Participate In Joe Biden Victory Celebrations

How Hollywood celebrities participate in Joe Biden victory celebrations!       

Although Trump has yet to admit defeat, the United States has begun to celebrate the election of the new president. Many people have taken to the streets to celebrate and parade and the worrying violent conflict has not occurred. Many Hollywood stars sent congratulations, especially female and minority stars, excitedly celebrating the birth of the first minority female vice president in the United States.

Here’s how Hollywood celebrities participated in Joe Biden victory celebrations…    

African-American Female Singer Alicia Keys Said:

“I am not a crying girl, but seeing the whole country participating in the voting, it really produced extraordinary results, which made me very touched! Congratulations! Besides, I hope people can continue to use your strength and voice.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, An Actor Who Played The Role Of The Female Vice President In The TV Series “Vice President” For Many Years, Immediately Tweeted:

“The female vice president is no longer just a fiction.”

The Famous Singer Lady Gaga Sent A Video Excitedly, Crying And Said:

“I hope everyone is celebrating. We should celebrate that the female voice is finally heard. We have the first female vice president! Life has been disturbed in the past few years. The days of fear and fear are finally coming to an end. I feel warm and thank you for expressing your wishes bravely.”

Female singer Billie Eilish set off firecrackers in the video, as if to celebrate the New Year ahead of schedule.

The Oscar-Winning Actress “Big Cousin” Jennifer Lawrence Couldn’t Help Running To The Streets Of Boston In Her Pajamas, Running And Shouting:

“No way, we must have a party to celebrate!”

The well-known singer Cher tweeted with a joke: “The United States finally is part of the earth again!”

“This is a historic moment. Our country has made history. Congratulations to Biden and Harris!” – Stated Actress Reese Witherspoon.

Many people near downtown Los Angeles took to the streets to celebrate Biden’s election, many of them were ethnic minorities and gay groups. They all kept their distance consciously, wearing masks, moving forward slowly and passing vehicles honked their horns to celebrate.

The number of people in Joe Biden victory celebrations in Washington, New York and other places is relatively large. Although many people wear masks, they still form a crowd. Although everyone is celebrating peacefully, it is expected that the number of new COVID 19 infections in the United States may continue to rise in the next few weeks.

What new ways will Hollywood celebrities find to participate in Joe Biden victory celebrations?

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