How Catherine Zeta Jones Keeps Fit!

How Catherine Zeta Jones keeps fit!

Zeta Jones turned 51 on September, but the Hollywood actress is showing no signs of slowing down.

In the past, Catherine said that her secret to staying fit and healthy is hydration:

“Water, maintaining my PH balance, no alcohol and through diet, keeping my body free of any inflammation inside and out.” 

Catherine Zeta Jones was born in Wales in 1969 and felt called to show business as a child. Zeta-Jones received the Oscar for best supporting role in “Chicago” (2003), at the time she was 9 months pregnant.

In 1998, actress Catherine made her breakthrough with “The Mask of Zorro”. The coat-and-sword film turned out to be a hit.

Catherine Zeta Jones confirmed she is launching her own life style brand, Casa Zeta-Jones. According to reports, Catherine has been working on her project for a while and fans can expect to buy anything from vegan shoes, to Welsh love spoons, slippers, coffee, makeup, home wares, dressing gowns and duvet cover sets.

When it comes to exercise, Catherine Zeta Jones said she enjoyed, “Swimming, tennis, peloton, my home gym and tap dancing.”

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