How British Actress Kate Winslet Ensures She Is Always Fit!

How British actress Kate Winslet ensures she is always fit!

Kate Winslet has been prone to obesity since childhood. Filming from an early age, she was obsessed with thoughts of her figure and periodically went on diets. However, for several years now, her figure has remained ideal and has not changed from film to film. This is due to a diet formulated by a professional nutritionist, specifically for the actress. In addition, British actress Kate Winslet is involved in jogging and pilates.

Unlike other Hollywood stars, for the sake of a slim figure who sometimes go to extreme measures, Kate Winslet prefers to keep fit with less extreme methods. She chose for herself static pilates and jogging in the fresh air. In addition, the actress took her diet seriously.

Immediately after waking up, it’s a drink a glass of still mineral water. Breakfast consists of a piece of salmon, boiled or baked without oil and salt (about 150 g). However, salmon can be replaced with other sea fish. In addition to fish, the first meal includes a cup of water-boiled oatmeal.

Second breakfast is a must for British actress Kate Winslet and consists of a fruit or a handful of berries. An orange, apple, grapefruit, strawberry, currant, etc., are suitable. It is advisable to eat seasonal fruits and berries, they have more vitamins and microelements that the body really needs when following this diet. Plus, the extra fiber will help the intestines cope with the digestion of food.

For lunch, it’s an omelet of two egg whites, 250 g of boiled fish and a salad of fresh vegetables and herbs. Dinner is the same, but without the omelet. A few hours before bedtime, a snack is allowed in the form of an apple or a small handful of nuts. She drinks plenty of fluids throughout the day: water, herbal and green tea.

From time to time, the actress detoxifies the body. It helps to cleanse the body of toxins, tone up and refresh the complexion. For several days, Kate eats only fresh vegetables, drinks 1.5 liters of pure water and 0.5 liters of herbal infusion. She also has vitamins, especially B vitamins.

So now you know how British actress Kate Winslet ensures she is always fit!

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