How Billie Eilish Lost And Gained 100,000 Instagram Followers

How Billie Eilish lostand gained100,000 Instagram followers.

The artist participated in the challenge “share a photo of”, in which the followers propose users to share photos in various situations. As part of the game, a fan asked Billie Eilish to post a drawing that she was proud of, so Billie uploaded an illustration of a naked female torso.

Due to the publication of this image, judged by many to be “in bad taste”, the singer lost around 100,000 Instagram followers, a response that surprised her. In just a matter of some minutes, her Instagram followers dropped to 72.9 million, from 73 million.

But after a few hours, things returned to normal and Billie regained her followers and now has more than 73 million. Billie is one of the singers who has had the most success in recent years. She has even had several of her songs in the international Top 5. Besides singing, Billie Eilish is fond of drawing.

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