How Are People Reacting To The Execution Of Cannon Hinnant?

How are people reacting to the execution of Cannon Hinnant?

Let’s take a look at how people are reacting to the execution of 5 year old Cannon Hinnant


“Local murder. Local news. Tragic, but not a national story.”


“How many funerals will this little man have?   Such a tragedy.   May God bless his family and ease their pain.”


“Was he killed by the cops? No. Is his killer arrested and in jail? Yes. So, what is the comparison to cops killing people and not being arrested, exactly?”


“I agree that Cannon Hinnant deserves more attention and coverage, his name needs to be remembered. His death will unfortunately also become a statistic of our senseless gun laws.”


“The most shocking aspect of the whole Incident was this ” so what! the guy was arrested wasn’t he” kind of inhuman attitude. It should be a big deal & people should be outraged.”


Cannon Hinnant. I’m sorry that our society failed . You’re in God’s hand now little buddy. Your name Cannon Hinnant will never be forgotten as we fight for you & your family down here.”


“Why is this not a hate crime? Kids’ Lives Matter!”


“Yet they are arrested, and here we are.   This little boy need nothing, absolutely nothing wrong.”


CANNON HINNANT!! Say HIS NAME !!! He was called that for six years! SAY HIS NAME!!!”


“The man who killed this poor boy is arrested and will go down for it, let this child RIP. Police have unions and an entire organization behind them to protect them when they do harm against citizens.  Floyd – It took an international revolt to get those cops arrested.”


“Little Innocent WHITE boy MURDERED Execution style by a 25-year old BLACK Felon.”


“This is a case where automatic justice is in order….”

Some of the reactions to the execution of Cannon Hinnant!

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