Hope From Oxford University Coronavirus Clinical Trials

Hope From Oxford University Coronavirus Clinical Trials

There is a lot of hope from the Oxford University Coronavirus clinical trials.

In the race to find a vaccine to fight the killer COVID-19, clinical trials have begun all over the world.

Oxford University is leading at the moment in this race. By the end of next month, they will have tested their new Coronavirus vaccine on 6,000 people. They intend to show that not only is their vaccine safe to use on humans, but also that it works.

Oxford University scientists say that regulators have given them emergency approval and that the first few million doses of their new Novel Coronavirus vaccine, would be available for use by September 2020.

In Montana, at the National Institutes of Health’s Rocky Mountain Laboratory, last month, six rhesus macaque monkeys, were injected with single doses of the Oxford University vaccine, by scientists last month.

The six rhesus macaque monkeys were then exposed to large amounts of the Coronavirus. This same kind of exposure had consistently made sick, other monkeys that were present in the laboratory.

But after 28 days, all six rhesus macaque monkeys were found to be healthy. This was reported by Vincent Munster, the researcher who was responsible for conducting the test.

“The rhesus macaque is pretty much the closest thing we have to humans.” Vincent Munster said.

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