Holiday Day Celebrated On September 30

Holiday day celebrated on September 30! 

What a holiday on September 30, 2020!

On this day, the world celebrates International Translator’s Day, K-Pop Day, International Day of the Right to Blasphemy, International Podcast Day… and so many other holidays!  

In Ukraine – All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries, in the USA – Day of Love for People, Day of Hot Mulled Wine, Day of Women’s Health and Fitness, Day of Chewing Gum, Day of Mud Mask, in Poland – Boy’s Day, in Canada – Day of Recovery, Orange T-Shirt Day, in Kazakhstan – Justice Workers ‘Day, in Mexico – Jose Morelos Day, in Turkmenistan – National Security Workers’ Day, in Botswana – Independence Day.

Memorable dates of September 30, anniversaries and events…

In 1139 there was an earthquake in Ganja (now the territory of Azerbaijan), killing 230 thousand people.

In 1630, the first criminal in the United States, John Billington, was sentenced. He was hanged for murder.

In 1846, in Charleston, Massachusetts, Dr. William Morton first extracted a tooth using diethyl ether anesthesia.

In 1882, in the American town of Appleton (Wisconsin) on the Fox River, the world’s first hydroelectric power plant started operating, transmitting electricity to many consumers (according to the Edison system). The dynamo-machine, driven by a water wheel, produced 12.5 kW. Built by paper mill owner Rogers, it could illuminate his house, factory and neighboring buildings.

In 1901, France introduced mandatory registration of cars that could reach speeds of more than 36 km / h.

In 1902, artificial silk – viscose – was patented.

In 1906, the first international competition in hot air balloons was launched in Paris. The next day, the winner was US Army Lieutenant Frank Lam, who landed in the English town of Whitby (Yorkshire).

In 1954, after passing all the tests, the first nuclear submarine “Nautilus” (USA) entered service.

In 1994, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that a man accused of sexual harassment could use the fact of his intoxication as a mitigating circumstance.

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