Hilda Bernard Turns 100

Hilda Bernard turns 100.

Bernard’s rich acting career places her at both ends of the road, shining in radio plays in the ’40s and composing terribly bad things on soap operas of the’ 90s. Since 1960, she acted in many programs such as Italian Girl Coming to Marry, Malevo, High Comedy, to name some.

Hilda Bernard was married twice, she has a daughter (Patricia), a grandson (Emiliano Parada, son of Emilio Disi, Patricia’s partner.) and a great-grandson.

Her time in the theater and in the cinema was very extensive since she made her debut in a version of Martín Fierro, on the Cervantes stage. However, her greatest popularity came with television and her participation in various fiction films.

Hilda, an inescapable reference of the radio, theater, TV and also Argentine cinema, made the news at the beginning of the month, for having recovered from Coronavirus at such an advanced age.

As a curious fact, it stands out that in 2004, she participated in a peculiar horror film “Jennifer’s Shadow”, co-produced with the United States and spoken in English, along with several Argentine actors and starring Hollywood star Faye Dunaway.

In the midst of this work that never went unnoticed, the actress earned a place of recognition on the theatrical stages and took part in a score of films between 1951 and 2010.

So, Hilda Bernard turns 100!

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