Hilary Duff Confirms Cancellation Of Lizzie McGuire

Hilary Duff confirms cancellation of Lizzie McGuire!

Hilary Duff confirmed the cancellation of the reboot of the popular series Lizzie McGuire, that Disney Plus was already preparing.

Through her Instagram account, she herself shared a message to publicize the reasons why the Lizzie McGuire sequel will not reach the Disney platform.

Her post began by saying that she feels very honored to have played a character that marked the lives of so many people and thanked the support received from the fans.

Why was it canceled? What happened was that Hilary’s vision of the character was different from that of the studio, they wanted a family program, while the actress wanted to make a more adult version.

In January, it was announced that Terri Minsky, who would be the creator and scriptwriter of the reboot, was fired, because her vision was very different from Disney’s. 

Hilary Duff also pointed out that there were several talks in which they looked for a way for the reboot to see the light, but finally the decision was made to cancel the project.

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