Has Queen Elizabeth II Been Vaccinated Against Covid 19?

Has Queen Elizabeth II been vaccinated against Covid 19?

At 94, she belongs to the high-risk group, but whether the British Queen Elizabeth II has already been vaccinated against the Coronavirus, should remain a private matter. A spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace said on Saturday. There will be no public statements on this. The Queen had spent the Christmas days with Prince Philip (99), at Windsor Castle and waived family meetings.

On the other hand, the Danish Queen Margrethe II (80), has shown less fear of the public. She was vaccinated against the Coronavirus on New Year’s Day, as the Danish royal family announced on Friday afternoon. She will therefore receive her second dose in around three weeks.

According to the UK government, one million people in Great Britain have now been vaccinated against Corona. From next week on, in addition to the vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer, the preparation developed by Oxford University and the British-Swedish company Astrazeneca, will also be administered.

Meanwhile, the British heir to the throne, Prince Charles, has warned against slacking off in the fight against cancer, due to the Corona pandemic. Hospitals in the UK are currently under significant pressure due to the large number of Covid-19 cases. The 72-year-old Royal quoted the Macmillan Cancer Support association.

Will we ever know the answer to has Queen Elizabeth II been vaccinated against Covid 19?

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