Has Jair Bolsonaro Really Tested Negative For Coronavirus?

Has Jair Bolsonaro really tested negative for Coronavirus?

“President Jair Bolsonaro has tested negative for coronavirus after testing positive three times” – such has been Tweeted by The Spectator Index.

Fatimah Tweets:

“This is good news. He must act sensibly now and should work hard to protect more and more lives of Brazilians.”

Arturo Fantini Tweets:

“… Bolsonaro is largely responsible for chaos and misinformation in Brazil during the coronavirus pandemic.”

After testing negative, Jair Bolsonaro announced on Facebook:

“Good morning everyone!”

A couple more ministers in the Cabinet of Jair Bolsonaro, tested positive for Coronavirus. One is the 62-year-old minister of education Milton Ribeiro and the other is Onyx Lorenzoni, the 65-year-old minister of citizenship.

Interesting to note here is that Jair Bolsonaro has not disclosed when he took the new test. To celebrate his recovery, the President even rode a motorbike. The President tested negative, after being in quarantine for 18 days.

On Twitter, Jair Bolsonaro posted a photo of himself, at the breakfast table, grinning and holding a packet of hydroxychloroquine.

Legend Tweets about hydroxychloroquine:

“There is evidence it works. Not necessarily as a cure but helps reduce deaths significantly.”

Jair Bolsonaro said from his breakfast table:

“BOM DIA A TODOS” — “Good morning, everyone” 

After his first 6 days in quarantine, Jair Bolsonaro had said:

“I can’t stand this routine of staying at home. It’s horrible.”

Interesting Tweet by Jeremy Corbyn 5:15 PM · Jul 19, 2020:

“Brazil’s far-right President Bolsonaro dismissed Covid19 as “a little flu,” recklessly refusing to put people and their health first. Now Brazil has over 2 million cases.”

After America, the country to be hit the most by the Coronavirus catastrophe, is Brazil. There are about 2.5 million cases and around 87,100 people are dead in Brazil, because of Coronavirus.

jeT Tweets:

“Corona positive was the only positive thing I heard about Jair Bolsonaro. Now everything is negative about him”

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