Global Coronavirus Cases 2 Million Plus

Global Coronavirus Cases 2 Million Plus

Global Coronavirus cases 2 million plus! Yes, there are currently 2 million plus COVID-19 cases worldwide and almost 135,000 deaths. It seems that the Novel Coronavirus situation is now spiraling out of control.

But still people do not seem to care!

Many people are still not bothered to do what world governments are telling them –

  • Stay at home – go out only if it is very vital!
  • Wear masks!
  • Keep social distancing!

In America alone, the country which has been hit the most by the Coronavirus, there are almost 650,000 cases and almost 29,000 deaths.

In what can be considered to be the most advanced county in the world, if the situation is like this, one can only imagine what is going to happen in countries that are not advanced!

With no cure in sight, the situation seems to look like getting far worse than it already is.

And perhaps the main people to blame for the spread of the killer Novel Coronavirus are the people!

Many people are still not taking this Coronavirus seriously. They appear to be going out of their houses – as if they are going for a stroll in the park – and they are on leave for some big festival.

Parents are allowing their kids to play with each other and mix about with other kids – not at all bothered about the threat of COVID-19.

People continue to socialize as if they are meeting friends to party!

So, then who is to blame for the spread of this killer Novel Coronavirus? Definitely not the governments and world leaders – they are doing their best to save lives being taken by this killer Coronavirus!

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