France Knife Attack, Terrorist Act?

France knife attack, terrorist act?

On September 25, the French authorities opened an investigation into the knife attack that happened on the same day near the old office of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris, leaving at least four people injured.

Accordingly, the French National Prosecutor’s Office on Counter-Terrorism is investigating “assassination conspiracy related to terrorism”.

Speaking at the press conference, prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard said functional forces had just arrested the second suspect in the France knife attack.

Jean Castex, French Prime Minister, Gerald Darmanin, Interior Minister and Anne Hidalgo, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo were at the scene of the attack to carry out directive work. According to Prime Minister Castex, among the victims were two journalists and their injuries are not life-threatening.

On the same day, European Council President Charles Michel condemned the attack at the newspaper Charlie Hebdo, asserting Europe does not tolerate terrorism. He also expressed his solidarity with the French government and people after the incident.

The stabbing at the former office of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo occurred during the trial of the subjects involved in the attack on this office five years ago.

In early September, Charlie Hebdo re-uploaded the caricatures of the prophet Mohammed just before the trial began. Posting an image of a prophet is taboo in Islamic law. Although these publications were sold out in France, it has sparked a new wave of criticism in some Muslim countries, even terrorists on the al-Qaeda international network are seen as threatening to repeat a massacre similar to that of 2015 against Charlie Hebdo. The protests against Charlie Hebdo took place in many Muslim countries such as Turkey, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq.

On January 7, 2015, two radical Muslim gunmen Said and Cherif Kouachi opened fire in the offices of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office in Paris, killing 12 people, including some artists famous for French caricature paintings. The incident led to a series of jihadist attacks on French territory that killed over 250 people.

Is the France knife attack a terrorist act?

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