Fran Parman Slams Nasty Trolls!

Fran Parman slams nasty trolls!

Star Fran Parman got back to filming, after an absence of a couple of years.

The Only Way Is Essex star Fran Parman received very nasty remarks from trolls who called her “unhealthy” and “bloated”.

29 year old Towie Fran Parman, replied:

“I feel like I need to address this and I want to address this, just because it’s been written about me and I have the right to say something about it. I had a lot of people message me saying: ‘You’re beautiful, ignore the comments.’ And I’m thinking: ‘What is going on?’ So yeah, I’m just going through the comments for the first time: ‘She looks like bloated, unhealthy…’”

Fran Parman Towie star added:

 “I sat there, I didn’t know what to do with myself. What do you do when you’re stuck indoors? I don’t like working out indoors, it’s too small, it’s too sweaty, I’m currently looking after my grandad because he’s very, very poorly. I had nowhere to work out, it was just impossible for me. So I put on weight, so what?! And do you know what? I’m gonna take this with a pinch of salt and I’m gonna show you: ‘Look I can lose the weight’.”

How people are reacting to the latest pix of Fran Parman:


“Oh my goooddddd!! no way is that her.”


“Wow that’s not her now is it???”


“She does look totally different.”


“Firstly she isn’t known as “Diags Ex” and secondly, why is everyone so bloody mean Weary face who cares what tan she has or what weight she’s put on, leave the girl alone without feeling insecure because of comments. People honestly make me ill with how nasty they are!”


“Look at the scum magazines trying to body shame by putting horrible pics up.”

Surely Fran Parman cares not about what all the nasty trolls are saying about her??

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