Fans Go Wild With Justin Bieber In Tight Underpants

Fans go wild with Justin Bieber in tight underpants.

Justin Bieber shared the video on his own social media, following his new video clip ‘Anything’, in which he plays a boxer without tattoos. With the 60 tattoos on Bieber’s body, it took a while to hide them all, so the 26-year-old singer spent several hours in the make-up chair.

In the video we see in an accelerated version how Justin’s full tattooed body suddenly turns virgin white (brown) again, but the fans pay more attention to his tight white underpants, than anything else.

While all the ink on his body is slowly disappearing, the obvious bulge in his underpants remains visible all the time.

It is not the first time that Justin Bieber’s underpant bulge has attracted attention. In 2015, he first stepped out as an underpants model for Calvin Klein and the size of his bulge stood out there too. Many then claimed that the impressive size of his bulge was Photoshopped, but the team of Justin Bieber denied that.

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