Extinct Hall’s Frog Found

Extinct Hall’s Frog found!

The Hall’s Frog was seen for the first and only time in 1935. From that moment on, record of the animal was lost, until its recent reappearance.

A frog that was considered missing more than 80 years ago was found by a group of researchers in the Atacama desert, one of the most inhospitable surfaces on the planet. The find was very well received, as the animal was considered a “ghost”.

Scientists from the Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences of the Catholic University of Temuco found the specimen in Aguas Calientes, a place where hot springs  around 28 ° C flow and where it has long been suspected that frogs corresponding to the genus “Telmatobius” could live .

Something curious about the news is that Hall’s Frog bears that name thanks to its discoverer – the American geologist and zoologist Frank Gregory Hall, who saw it for the first and only time on an expedition in 1935. After such a long absence, it was finally possible to verify that this genus of amphibians still has a presence on earth.

However, the confirmation did not come immediately. A great deal of analysis had to be done to confirm that the finding coincided with the data reported by science more than 80 years ago. Finally the news was published in the scientific journal Zootaxa.

After a great deal of analysis, they received the long-awaited confirmation: they were the same Hall amphibians that had not been reported by science in more than 80 years. The finding was published in the scientific journal Zootaxa, as a celebration.

Claudio Azat, director of the Doctorate in Conservation Medicine at the Andrés Bello University, indicated that the study rediscovers Hall’s Frog, which was lost to science for 80 years. As its locality was not known with certainty, this species was considered as a ghost species, of which its existence was being doubted at present.

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